Welcome to the world’s first commercial robotic apple harvest

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“We founded Abundant because it’s clear that productivity gains from automation are critical for the world’s growing population to continue enjoying healthy fruits and vegetables.”

Dan Steere, Curt Salisbury, Michael Eriksen

Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission

Early research funding and guidance from the WTFRC

SRI International

Incubated in SRI’s Robotics Division


Backed by GV, Kubota, Yamaha Motors and other technology and agricultural leaders

“40 percent of respondents (Fruit Growers) still experienced severe worker shortages in 2017.”

Fruit Grower News June 2018

The Abundant Team

As robotics researchers, we’ve broken new ground in a variety of fields. For the past four years we’ve focused on hard problems in agriculture and are now excitedly preparing to launch our first commercial products.

We’re a team of experts who love collaborating with smart, thoughtful, open minded people who are driven to build things that do useful work. We’d love for you to come help build one of the next great companies serving agriculture.

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